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Popular Post, Yearbook • November 7, 2023

When I make my family yearbooks, I always shop around and look at all the options. I wish that, in the beginning, I would have done more research so that all of my books matched in size and paper. Our early books are different than our most recent books, and I love the new books so much! If you are just getting started on your family’s yearbook collection, I thought it might be helpful to share the best Family Yearbooks and why. 


I order my family yearbooks from Mixbook. The reason that I love this vendor is because of the size of the books and the designs they offer. When I was shopping around for the right vendor, I initially picked Mixbook because of the simplicity of the designs they offer. For me, less is more. I also like the interface, and the bookmaking process is straightforward.   

The exact book I order is an 8.5×8.5″ Classic Square Premium Matte Lay Flat Hardcover Photo Book. I love the size of this book because it fits on the shelf and fits nicely in the hands of my children. The pages are also beautiful and thick, so I don’t have to worry about the pages getting ripped. In our early books, I did not order lay-flat pages, and a few of them need to be replaced already! The whole point of the yearbook is to enjoy your images, so this is key for me!   

Artifact Uprising

When I want to upgrade my photo books, I order them from Artifact Uprising. I have given client gifts from this company and absolutely love their products. My favorite book to order is the 7″ x 7″ photo book featuring a premium fabric cover, custom foil stamping, and unbending pages. This is the perfect option for those special moments – like weddings, newborns, or other life-changing events where you have higher-end images. There is a premium price for Artifact Uprising products, but they are definitely worth the cost.   


If you need an economical option, Shutterfly is always a good option. I would encourage you to upgrade your book to the lay-flat pages so that they will hold up over time. Shutterfly is also a good option if you need lots of pages. Right now, Shutterfly is offering Unlimited Free pages.

There are a lot of options out there for printing photos books. My best advice is always to upgrade the pages to heavier pages and to keep your designs minimal. I think that if you keep the design simple, it will make the whole process go much easier to produce the best Family Yearbooks. 

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