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to have a plan and know exactly what to do with your photo/video collection? 

wouldn't it feel

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After years of making and breaking New Year's resolutions—because let's face it, those can be notoriously hard to keep—you're finally ready to tackle a project that has likely been looming for YEARS! It's not just about decluttering; it's about preserving memories and ensuring they are easily accessible and protected for years to come.

Removing this worry is my specialty. I'm here to help you get all of your photos in one place and safe so you never have to lose sleep over your photos again!

The solution is right in front of you. You just have to choose it.

you're finally ready to tackle your digital photo mess

here's the problem...

and have a plan for all the NEW photos coming in, but how?

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You struggle with understanding the cloud and are frozen with the fear of messing something up and losing everything.

You are overwhelmed with the number of digital photo/videos in your collection and have no idea how to tackle a project this big.

Your frozen because you have no idea where to start so you keep putting off digging in. 

You've started and stopped so many times that now you are even more confused on where to start.

You are a busy running kids around and cannot possibly tackle this project right now. 

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

the problem

It was like an elephant in the room, always there, but I chose to ignore it. 

So, I decided to face it head-on. I rolled up my sleeves, took charge, and embarked on the journey to organize and preserve those memories. It wasn't always easy, but with determination, I found a way to ensure those precious moments were safe, organized, and accessible.

For years, I turned a blind eye to my precious photos. I was wrapped in fear and anxiety, doubting whether they were all safe.

My Story

Yes, I need your help!

Imagine knowing exactly what to do and having someone to ask questions along the way.

YES! I'm READY to get started! 

 Let's finally, clean up your photo mess and start using your photos/videos the way they were meant to be used

A complete, comprehensive guide to tackling your digital photo/video collection, PLUS the support you need!


your roadmap to a


Join me every month as we cover a new topic and give you even more tools to organize your digital life! 

New Content Every Month

Join me on a Zoom call once a month to ask questions and trouble shoot with me directly!  Lets dig in and finish this project once and for all! 

Monthly Live Coaching

Inside of the community you get daily support from my team, other community members and myself.  Our members find this to be the best part of our membership. 

Daily Support 

Join me to discover the stress-free system I use to create annual photo books! You'll learn how to efficiently curate your photos. I'll guide you through the process I personally use to design photo books quickly. This is a great opportunity to streamline your photo projects and create lasting photo book memories with ease.

The Photo Book Masterclass

This course aims to teach you how to merge photos from various sources - including several cloud services, CDs, SD Cards, Thumb Drives, Old Phones, Old Computers, etc. - eliminate clutter and duplicates, organize extensive collections of digital photos, and ensure they are backed up correctly.

The Photo Project

Learn essential techniques and tips for effectively managing and organizing the photos in your iPhone camera roll. This hands-on session covers practical strategies to declutter, delete, manage screenshots, and categorize images, ensuring a streamlined and easily navigable photo library.

The iPhone Workshop

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Tina W.

Megan is wonderful, and following her advice worked when everything else had failed! I was so frustrated before I found her, and by following her step-by-step guidance and attending her Wednesday night class, I accomplished all my goals.

I accomplished my goals. Highly recommend.

Cathy m.

She guides you step-by-step and I love the one-on-one personalized support we receive in the zoom meetings! Always prompt responses to email questions as well and the group support is great. Finally getting my massive photo collection under control. 

Megan's system works!

Laurie A.

Megan, besides being extremely knowledgeable about all of this, is so kind and caring to everyone! She truly wants to help people figure all of this out, and really goes the extra mile to help each person. 

The Community has been tremendously helpful on my journey to get organized with my photos!

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Yes! I want help!

There is no better time than now. 
If not now, when? 

Stop ignoring your photos and finally check this project off your list with a community who cares.

Your time is now

A built-in supportive group of experts and a community who really cares. 

Daily video motivators to keep you on track and a community cheering you on.

The secure photo library you have always wanted and the calm that comes with knowing everything is safe.

A step-by-step road map to freedom from 1000s of unorganized photos

Plus a monthy call with me to really kickstart your confidence! 

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It became the answer, a way to provide my clients with the tools and know-how to build their own digital photo libraries and craft those beautiful family yearbooks, much like the ones I create for my own family. It's all about sharing the love for preserving our memories and making it accessible to everyone in a supportive atmosphere!

And now I'm sharing all my learnings with you inside of The Photo Project Community

In the journey of my photography business, I've had countless clients inquire about the mysteries of digital photo/video storage. It hit me – not everyone is tech-savvy when it comes a digital photo library. So, I began assisting my clients individually, one-on-one, but the demand was just overwhelming.

I'm a mom, photographer, organization freak and an Enneagram 3

Hi, I'm Megan

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