Overwhelmed by thousands of digital photos everywhere?

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Because as a mom, we all know our time is limited! 

The Photo Project

get organized in less than a month with limited time

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How would it feel to finally get your photos organized, accessible, and know that your memories are safe? 

Gone are the days of photo chaos, cloud struggles, and missing or lost photos!

  • Create a library of photos that you can easily access.
  • Know what to do with new photos to stay organized.
  • Learn what automations are the best (so you don't waste money)
  • Finally have peace of mind knowing your photos and memories are safe.

Removing this worry is my specialty. You're not alone, my friend!
I'm here to help you get all of your photos in one place so you never have to lose sleep over your photos again!

Do you lay awake at night worrying you have lost your child's baby photos forever?

Here's the deal

Now, I am excited to add new photos to my collection and have a book shelf full of beautiful photo books to look at with my kids!

Let me share a personal story that I think many of you can relate to. For years, I turned a blind eye to my precious photos. I was wrapped in fear and anxiety, doubting whether they were all safely stored. It was like an elephant in the room, always there, but I chose to ignore it. 

But then, one day, I realized that my photos/videos held countless memories, stories, and moments of my life. They were my family's history, my children's childhood, and the experiences that made me who I am today. I knew I couldn't let that fear hold me back any longer.

So, I decided to face it head-on. I rolled up my sleeves, took charge, and embarked on the journey to organize and preserve those memories. It wasn't always easy, but with determination, I found a way to ensure those precious moments were safe and accessible.

For years, I brushed aside my photos, haunted by the nagging worry that they might not be complete, so I simply avoided them.

My True Life Story

Void of duplicates
Void of screenshots
All photos centralized
And safely back up!

at the end of the day you'll be:

 Let's finally, clean up your photo mess and start using your photos/videos the way they were meant to be used

And that’s why I’m so excited to help you...

VIP course WITH Megan o'hare

Gain valuable insights into the art of keeping your photo collection organized and optimized. Learn how to implement regular maintenance routines, update metadata, and efficiently manage new additions.

Maintain your digital photo library

Learn the key principles of safeguarding your digital memories using a reliable backup system following the 3-2-1 rule: three copies, two different formats, and one offsite. 

back up using the
3-2-1 method

You'll discover the art of arranging your photo collection in a seamless chronological order. Learn the techniques and tools to efficiently categorize your pictures by date.


Uncover the strategies to declutter your digital life. Learn how to identify/ eliminate screenshots, junk, and duplicates, freeing up valuable storage space to simplify your digital landscape. 

Remove Screenshots, junk, and duplicates+Rename

You'll gain essential insights into managing and centralizing your digital photos/videos in a system, ensuring all your photos/videos are easily accessible and safeguarded. 

prepare storage & centralize

Discover practical strategies to declutter and organize your photo collection. Learn how to streamline your images that preserves your precious memories without the clutter.

Tips for cleaning your camera roll

The course that simplifies the tech and teaches you how to create a photo library that you will love. Say goodbye to the frustration of scrolling through endless folders and hello to a seamless and organized photo collection.

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The Investment


Thank you so much, Megan. My first photo book just arrived in the mail. The first one I made was a baby book – for my 17 year old daughter. Before I found your course, I was honestly overwhelmed and a little paralyzed about doing this “right.” Your course plus your done is better than perfect approach made this possible. The book is so beautiful. Now my 14 year old daughter gets one. And then on to yearly photo books!

Before I found your course, I was honestly overwhelmed and a little paralyzed about doing this “right.”


My photo organizing project is going very well, thanks to you! Honestly, I wouldn't have known where & how to start, and I consider myself fairly tech-comfortable! Your recommended apps have been amazingly helpful. And I really appreciate the videos that I can replay as often as needed to understand & complete all the steps.

I wouldn't have known where & how to start, and I consider myself fairly tech-comfortable! 


I am an organizational freak in 90% of my life. The 10% I've never cared much about has been my photos. I felt like they were in the cloud so they were there, even though they were messy. I've been paying for iCloud, OneDrive, and Google Drive for the last few years, and when I saw the ad for the Photo Project....Megan has a great way of getting you unstuck and keeping you moving forward! It was great to know that I had a weekly check-in to make some sort of movement...I have organized and condensed about 200,000 photos down to about 25,000. 

Megan has a great way of getting you unstuck and keeping you moving forward!

YES!! This course uses Amazon Photos as our Archive cloud service, you do not have to use it to complete all of the steps but it is what I demonstrate. For new photos/maintence, I demonstrate how to use iCloud or Google Photos. 

Do you recommend a cloud service?

You may need to make additional purchases when organizing your photos with this process. Some programs I recommend are also an additional cost, but are well worth the money! Plus I have a few discount codes for you!

ARe there any additional costs?

Nothing!!  Once you join, I will walk you through all the steps using video-guided tutorials that you can watch at any time! 


This course is ideal for anyone who wants to take control of their digital photo collection, whether all your photos are in the cloud or scattered everywhere, including Hard Drives, Old computers, SD Cards, thumb drives, CDs, etc. 

who is this course best for?



This program works for both iPhone, Android Phones, MAC and PC computers. Each step shows you how to complete the process on each device.  

Do you need a Mac or PC?

My main goal is to make sure you're set for success in the long run, so I've put together a way to keep your collection of pictures/videos safe and well-organized. Plus, I have a plan for how to deal with new photos so you can stay ahead. This program is special because we're going to learn a lot about picking out and removing the photos, videos, and screenshots you don't want to keep and addressing long term storage for generations to come.

How is your program DIFFERENT?

My promise to you is that, by the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge and skills to transform your disorganized digital photo library into a well-structured, easily accessible treasure trove of memories. You'll gain the confidence to efficiently manage, safeguard, and enjoy your photos, and say goodbye to the frustrations of a cluttered digital photo/video world.

I promise to not let you down.



You're in the middle of planning a family gathering, and you want to share some precious memories with your loved ones. In the past, finding those photos might have been a daunting task – you're digging through countless disorganized folders, battling duplicates, and feeling overwhelmed.

But then, you invest in this course. Your photo library transforms into a well-organized treasure trove of memories. You effortlessly find the photos you're looking for, creating a heartwarming slideshow that brings tears of joy to everyone's eyes. This course is the key to a digital life that's less stressful, more enjoyable, and more meaningful. It's your path to organized memories and a richer, more connected life.

Try to Imagine this...

Let's be real for a minute, can we?

are you ready?

In the journey of my photography business, I've had countless clients inquire about the mysteries of digital photo/video storage. It hit me – not everyone is tech-savvy when it comes to crafting a digital photo library. So, I began assisting my clients individually, one-on-one, but the demand was just overwhelming.

That's when the spark for The Photo Project was ignited. It became the answer, a way to provide my clients with the tools and know-how to build their own digital photo libraries and craft those beautiful family yearbooks, much like the ones I create for my own family. It's all about sharing the love for preserving our memories and making it accessible to everyone!

Megan O'Hare here! I am a photographer and digital photo organizer.

Cheers, Megan
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It’s time to claim your photos and start treating them like the treasures they are, because if not now, when?

How to clean up your camera roll
Understanding Storage & the 3-2-1 Method
How to Find and Centralize your Photos
How to Remove Duplicates
How to Organize your Photos
How to Backup using the 3-2-1 Method
When to delete originals

Let’s break it down. Here's what’s waiting for you inside: 

Let's Recap

Say hello to your bright new plan.

Say goodbye to an unorganized mess

You have bedtime stories to dive into and little knees to comfort with a kiss, and a world of memories waiting to be crafted. I want to ensure you never miss a single one of these moments. It's as simple as deciding to open the door to a realm of endless possibilities.

How will your life change when you invest in yourself?